Japanese in Dusseldorf (Bachelor Thesis)

Some places radiate a certain atmosphere of uniqueness. In Dusseldorf (Germany) many nationalities encounter each other. Espacially the Japanese society is particularly present.

Over time a lively community with an almost complete Japanese infrastructure has developed. It seems like there is no other place in Europe, where the Japanese culture can be experienced this   

authentic. Ironically one speaks of the problem of problemlessness: On the one hand obvious disputes or hostilities don’t seem to exist but on the other hand the people aren’t really approaching each other enough and it seems to lack of a collective dialogue.

The photographic project documents and questions the influence of the Japanese in Dusseldorf. Furthermore different kind of persons are portrayed, who represent a certain opinion about the situation on-site. They give insights into far eastern peculiarities and traditions. The exchange and conversations serve as first steps to approximation and a mutual understanding.

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